Tea Tin Packaging

This project was an independent study focused on my favorite movements from Graphic Design Art History. Through my research, I studied the styles of many artists and of the movements as a whole before jumping into my own designs. The art from these periods will always serve as one of my main inspirations and I plan to continue flushing out this project in the coming months. In the mean time, enjoy my present work!

Art Nouveau Meets Contemporary Design
illustration & packaging independent study
I've found that the most compelling movements in Graphic Design history have been Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Arts & Crafts. Mucca and Morris' use of line compelled me to purse my own illustrative style speaking to these artists. Inspired by the bright color patterns of Art Deco, I created many color palettes to choose from before settling on four distinct color treatments. Adding a contemporary touch to these patterns, I chose to create tea tin packaging for a collector's edition.

The following are paper mockups.
Potential Color Palettes 
Color Palettes initially developed from Art Nouveau and Art Deco colorbooks
Sketches & Development 
All patterns and illustrations were hand drawn and then traced in Illustrator
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